Twelve articles are listed here.

1 and 2 articles as below are the same as the
basic paper of Menu. These two articles are
also the “Philosophy” of the entire site.
3 and 4 articles are related articles of the
basic papers.

The articles from 5 to 8 are an application of
what I said in the basic paper.

9 and 10 articles are related to “US-North Korea
relations,” but in this article, I talk specifically
about Effect of  5 processes. Here, I talk
about the Effect of “to establish Belief and
break suspicion in full form.”

11 and 12 articles are about “Coronavirus
measure,” but in these articles, “Three Bodies
of Buddha” are mentioned.
Added to the philosophy of Menu.


1  The power of the law to expand
     the power of citizens’ goodness

 Explain the five processes 
     by cause and result


3  Explanation of “Name”
     in Five Processes

4  The Fifth of Five Processes
  “Identification of Information”

5 You yourself create
   the future of America

6 Why does it have to be mercy?

7  To have the law of the origin is
   to have innumerable amount
   of treasure

8  Following on the “Causal Net” 
    and patrol the five continent   

9. Detailed explanation of
     4 Effect – First half

10. Detailed explanation of
     4 Effect – Second half

11.  Infection of coronavirus and
    its countermeasures Part 5

12.  Infection of coronavirus and
    its countermeasures Part 4


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