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The process of which the
Law of Origin
erases your
“past countless sins”

However, the action of the Law of
Origin in the world of time is more
than just only expanding and
strengthening your current power of
good. Of course, that is also achieved,
but the Law of origin takes great care
of that your past sins do not interfere
your present life.
For instance, this Law prevents that
the “reward of the heavy sin” which
you have made in your past life,
suddenly appear into your present
life as “suffering,” and disturb your
present life.
Concretely speaking, it turns the
suffering that will originally occur as
a heavy sin, to occur as the “light form
of suffering,” or make that occurrence
prolong if necessary, or make it occur
little by little

Among these, “Lightening the heavy
sins of the past
” means that the
Law of Origin strengthens the good
deeds that you are doing now by the
power of law, offsets the past heavy
sins by them and make the sins small. 
And the sins that became smaller, come
as “small suffering events” in your
current life. You process it smoothly. 
When you have processed that small
suffering, your past sins disappear. 
This is the process.
Every time your past sins disappear
one by one, your current body shines
brighter and your skin will be clean. 
From inside of you, your unique beauty
that only you have will be born. 
This is proof that past sins are
 past sins
are disappearing.

White is the essence of color and
represents the cleanliness of the mind.
Increasing the goodness of the present
and the future means that your skin is
filled with the collagen and the like that
gives the skin moisture and elasticity. 
Also, the reduction of evil of the present
and the future means that your skin
becomes pure and clean.
In detail, “increasing goodness” means
that high-quality proteins and nutrients fill
the skin, and it is said “Skin is filled“.
/ On the other hand, the reduction of bad
sins means the removal of impurities, etc,
so it is said “Skin becomes clean.”
You will see yourself in the mirror and
confirm these things.
You will also be told by your parents and
those around you that “Recently, your
skin has become beautiful.”
In the above form, the Law of Origin
transforms all of the past “sufferings by
the sin” that you have made, into
just the right size” so that you can now
deal them without difficulty.
This may be unbelievable, but it is true.
Whether even it’s the “sins you’ve
created in the millions of past life” or the
“suffering they causes,” it is easy thing 
for the Law of Origin to adjust their size. 
That is the meanings of that the Law of
Origin is going all the way to the origin 
of the “world of all phenomena” and the
“world of all time.”

However, the Law of Origin is the
Passive nature(所成) to the last. 
Unless your “action of goodness, mercy
and wisdom” of the Active nature (能成)”
is done, its power will not be exerted. 
Once the power of the Law of Origin is
exerted, the value of the various
fun and suffering things” that you
experience in your daily life will be
expanded to the maximum. And the
myriad sins that you have made in
your past life are offset by them.
And your sins will certainly disappear.
That process, in most cases, will
progress unnoticed to you. But if you
perform the act of mercy and wisdom
well, and merge with the Law of Origin,
your eyes of the wisdom will surely see
the process and grasp it.

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